Friday, March 19, 2010


My definition of wealth has changed dramatically in the last decade. It is no longer about money its self but how you feel about it. To say that I grew up poor would be a serious understatement and yet I know now that we were much more fortunate than many others.

Poverty truly is a state of mind and will limit everything you think you can do or have. And as long as you are setting those limits you are a self fulfilling prophecy. There were several things that helped me shift my perspective but 2 that were significant in the process. The first was Gratitude – to be honestly thankful for everything I have. The second was to Give to others - time, money or things it doesn’t matter.

What was interesting was after a short amount of time the more grateful I was to have something to give the more I received and the more I received the more I gave….. On and on until I realized that for me this is the true meaning of wealth. I am so very grateful to have so much to give!

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