Saturday, March 31, 2012

Food for the body and spirit

Today I was reminded again just how very fortunate I am for the beautiful, blessed life I have.

I had just dropped off my grandson after a great visit and was thinking how fantastic it is that I have such a wonderful family. I pulled into a shop to pick up something for dinner when a woman approached me - she was crying and very upset. She said she did not want money but asked if I could buy something for her and her children to eat. Food - all she wanted was food for her family.

I know she didn't believe me when I told her I understood and have been there but to give her dinner and some cash was the very least I could do.

I am so very grateful to the beautiful woman who reminded me that we all need food for the body and the spirit..

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Irish Mist

This morning there is a fresh Irish mist in the air... A little unusual for Colorado so it was a nice surprise. It reminds me of the time I spent on that lovely green isle and all of the people and places I miss so much.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What do I want in my pie

I really liked the analogy from "Ask it is Given" where they talk about making a pie. You look at all the ingredients in your kitchen and then decide what you want to use. You are not intimidated by the wide variety of choices because you know nothing will end up in your pie that you don't put there.

It is the same with life - of all the possibilities in all of the world you get to decide what you want to include in your experience. You don't have to deny or push against anything - you simply don't bring it into your life. You only select those things that make you happy and bring you joy.

There is no right or wrong - we all get to decide what we want in our pie!