Thursday, September 26, 2019

What am I attracting

I love when I hear a message in a way that I've never really heard it before.  I know it means something has changed and I have gained a new vantage point.

After studying the Law of Attraction for many years, I understand the concept of like attracts like, and that what we send out vibrationally will come back to us.

What felt new to me was the true sense of attracting what is coming into my experience.  That at this exact moment in time, what is showing up in my life is because of what I am thinking and feeling.

It's wonderful to think about manifesting your desires, creating your future and allowing the goodness we so desperately want, but none of that can happen if we aren't in a place to attract those very things.

It's not easy but it is very simple - if I can learn to focus my thoughts into a better feeling place, then there will be a better outcome in my circumstances.

I have to ask myself, what am I attracting?

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Living Now

It is very easy to always be getting ready for the next great thing that is happening in my life.  I love that forward motion of preparing for what is next.  What I didn't realize is that I might have been missing some of the enjoyment of what is happening today.

I have learned not to live in the past and that letting go was the only way I could truly move on with my life.  But, in all of my excitement, I may have skipped a few essential steps.  Just recently I realized that I was missing the joy of my life while I was so focused on creating my future.

The true lesson for me is that you can't live your life in the past or the future.  It is happening right here, right now and that is where all the love and joy is.