Thursday, January 22, 2015

Give up - Let go - Give in

I am learning that the only way to achieve the peace and joy that I so desperately want in my life is to stop trying to make it happen, it just doesn't work that way.  It is much easier said than done, but when I trust the process everything flows easily and works out in the perfect way at the perfect time.   

The more effort I apply the further my happiness slips away, so it is crucial that I find a way to give up the fight, let go of the struggle and give in to my hearts desire. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

To Be Continued...

It was 5 years ago that I made the giant leap to begin writing this blog.  It was my first attempt at sharing online what I was feeling and writing so privately.  I have written a great deal in my life and even had a few small things published, but this was very different.  This was the internet, that vast world wide web and it was very intimidating. 

In the end, it was my love of writing and desire to share some small piece of myself with the world that let me overcome my fear.  This experience has been truly cathartic and has helped me heal in ways I did not know I was wounded.  Something about putting my feelings into words and then sharing them really helps me appreciate the true meaning behind the message.

I am so very grateful for all the love and support I have received over the years and am thrilled to continue this journey with all of you!