Wednesday, February 24, 2010


What a fantastic education I have had …. Not your normal institutional instruction but incomparable life experience. My dear mother had such a hard life and struggled in ways that I can barely imagine to raise my brother and me. She was a single mother at a time that it was not only unheard of but shameful as well.

Every day she would get up before dawn, start the coffee and turn on the radio. She would lay out the clothes we had to wear to school. Even though they had come from the charity shop she made sure they were as clean and presentable as something brand new. She was determined to give us a better life than she had and she knew that a good education was the way to do that. What she did not realize was that she was teaching us something much more valuable – how to live and survive in the world.

Everything I have done and accomplished has been because of the incredible education she gave me!

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