Saturday, February 20, 2010


Amelia Earhart wrote - Courage is the price that
life exacts for granting peace. I believe that is true.

We don't get handed a trouble free pass when we arrive in this world. It is a daunting mission to be sure. But if we are strong and brave enough we will overcome the obstacles and reap the rewards. It may not be easy but it is always worthwhile.

I have learned to ask myself what is the worst case scenario? Will I die, will someone I love be injured? Usually, that isn't even remotely possible. So why not try it?

Several years ago I traveled to New Zealand to hike some of the infamous treks there. It was the trip I had dreamed of for many years. A few weeks before leaving I developed a sudden back pain. So bad I thought I might not be able to go. After getting it checked to make sure it wasn't something serious I realized it was fear. Not your normal variety but something this side of sheer terror. I had never been so far away from home before and I had no idea of what to expect.

It occurred to me while I was hiking through the rain forest on the south island that I had done it! I came to this unbelievable place and had an unforgettable experience because I had the courage to overcome my fear!

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