Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today I got a great reminder that I am a work in progress....
My positive "all is right with the world" attitude gets challenged on a regular basis. I need to remember that this is a process and there will be some bumps along the way.

A few days ago I wrote about the power of truth. It is very disheartening to me when I am honest with someone and they deceive me. I trust people until they prove otherwise. I think it was Maya Angelou who said "When people show you who they are believe them"!

I know everything happens for a reason and if something did not work out for me it means that there is something better coming. I have to trust that it will all happen exactly as it should!

So when I'm feeling like this I go through my mental checklist of what makes me feel good and get myself back on track. Today it was too cold for a walk so I wrote for a while, made some nice homemade soup, listened to Eric Clapton on the stereo and I feel much better!

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