Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Coincidence

I am so amazed at how the world works. Yesterday after I wrote my very first post "New Beginnings" I saw an article from a magazine with the exact same title and generally the same message. You can create the life you want!

That is confirmation that I am doing exactly what I should be doing! I understand and truly believe that there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. I get reminders every day - some are soft and subtle and some are bold and absolute.

All I have to do is stay aware and ask for the information I need to make any decision. I always know which way to proceed by the way that I feel. I believe we all have the choice to go with the flow or to resist and try to push the river. One will be effortless and joyful and the other will be a difficult and futile struggle.

Just like a lovely stream - it moves along smoothly until it encounters an obstacle. It either finds its way around it or builds up enough strength to go over it - either way it will continue to flow in its natural direction....

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