Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Incredible Journey

You would have to know exactly where I started to understand just how far I have come...

There is no way to explain the fantastic experience I have had.  Beginning life in a desperately poor family with many emotional and substance abuse issues may seem like something far too great to overcome.  Even a lifelong idealist like me wondered if this would ever work out or if I was indeed doomed to repeat the past.  I'll tell you that was my mother's greatest fear, that I would live her life of sadness and misery. 

I'm not sure exactly when or how it happened but I was able to break the cycle of pain and despair and found a way into the world that opened up to me like a flower in bloom.  I have been blessed with people and resources that have helped me forge my way in this wilderness and somehow, with all odds against me, to not just survive but thrive in the most beautiful way.

To say that I am grateful for this incredible journey would be an understatement and I appreciate the life that now lay before me in a way that most will never know... 

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