Sunday, June 29, 2014

Something Wonderful

I have always been an optimist - even when, and sometimes especially when, things were painful or difficult.  I always believed that everything happened for a reason and that one day I would have a wonderful life and live happily ever after.  It might seem like a fairy tale but it was just what a sad and frightened young girl had to believe to survive. 

For many years, I kept a little note in my wallet that said "Something wonderful is about to happen".  Not only was it a great reminder for me to focus on the positive but I truly believed it. My entire life has been an incredible transformation - year by year, event by event so I knew anything was possible. 

This week as I emptied out my wallet, once again I opened that precious little scrap of paper.  This time something was different - a shift has occurred, I felt a surge of energy wash over me that was pure joy.  Quickly I grabbed a pen and crossed off the old message and in it's place wrote "Something wonderful has already happened"!

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