Monday, June 30, 2014

Memories of Mom

The heavy cloud of grief has passed and now I can look back and remember all the wonderful things about my mother that the pain of losing her made me forget.  I'm not sure how many people knew her truly funny and quirky side.  She had such a serious and difficult life that it must have been very hard for her to relax and let her true self shine.  When she did it was a joy to behold and now that is the woman I remember.

She loved Science Fiction, watching Star Trek (the series) every week is one of my fondest family memories.   Then there were the Saturday night movies on our old black and white television.  Watching "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "War of the Worlds" was a special treat with popcorn and a bag of miniature powdered donuts!

She could be so funny and irreverent, I always thought that was the Irish side coming out.  She wasn't the sappy, sentimental type but she had so much love and passion.  You could see it every time she was near her grandchildren - she loved them more than anything in the world.

22 years on, I miss her more than I can say but now I can smile because I will always have my memories of mom.....

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