Friday, June 27, 2014

Learning the Laws of the Universe

Learning about the Law of Attraction has been a very interesting journey for me.  Over the past few years I have come to understand that we attract everything that comes into our lives.  In an attraction based universe we get back whatever we put out there.  I have always believed in the philosophy that you reap what you sow and have tried to live by the golden rule and treat others as I want to be treated. 

What is very significant and new for me is the concept of intentionally projecting my thoughts in a way that I can see the results in my life.   Whether it is the job that I want, the house I want to buy or the relationship I want to have - I can truly have it all.  The really interesting part is that I don't have to really have any of it to have the joy of it.  The more pleasure I have in thinking about it the more it comes true.

Just this week, I thought how nice it would be to buy a larger house with a great porch and backyard for my to grandchildren to play in.  I remembered the house we lived in when I was a girl and how much I loved playing in the yard.  We even had an old concrete incinerator that we would light up on summer nights so we could stay out later. 

Very nice thoughts and memories but I didn't expect anything to come of it.  Then I went to visit my daughter and saw the house next door was for sale.  It was a beautiful ranch style home with a gorgeous covered patio, nicely manicured garden and big backyard, there even was an old incinerator in the back!  I just smiled realizing that this was exactly what I had been daydreaming about.  The house is already under contract so I won't be buying this particular house but it felt so wonderful to see it manifest before my very eyes and know that I can have the joy of anything just by feeling it in my heart.

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