Saturday, January 4, 2014

Manifesting Joy and Expansion

It is very interesting when I talk to other people about how I personally create what I want in my life.  They always want to know how I do it but then somehow don't seem to like my answer.   Sometimes the concept is too far outside of their beliefs for them to hear it and they immediately dismiss it as luck or some great coincidence.  With some of the more spiritually minded some will become a bit defensive, pick apart my process or even suggest that that somehow my life is all about the acquisition of money and things.  

My response is very simple - I manifest for the pure joy that I receive from the growth and expansion.  Everything I do in my life is toward that purpose.  When I feel myself getting stuck or even sliding back into a place of sorrow or stagnation I have to do something dramatic to shift my vibration and get back into that wondrous mode of pure and blissful creation.

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