Thursday, January 23, 2014

Finding My Way

For many years I have studied different philosophies about how to find your true self or make your dreams come true. All of them are very interesting and I have learned a great deal about myself but it has always been in bits and pieces, no one process or belief has stood out above the others until recently.

It hit me as I began reading yet another "self-help" book - I am no longer lost or searching!  I have found the key to my happiness by paying attention to how I feel.  I know if something makes me feel good or bad just by thinking of it.

It wasn't anything anyone could teach me, I had to discover it for myself.  What is it that brings me joy, that fills me with wonder and amazement.  What is it that makes my heart sing.   I know when I feel it, and never doubt that that I have found the way that is right for me.

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