Thursday, December 1, 2022

Powers of Manifestation

I need to remember to use my powers of manifestation to attract wanted, not unwanted experiences.

I believe that there are no actual coincidences in life – although there may be incidents that coincide but whatever is appearing in our lives is because we are attracting it with our vibration.

This week has been a great reminder for me to be more deliberate in how I think about seemingly little things that can easily become much larger if I don’t pay attention. 

A couple of months ago, I rented my house out and started traveling again.  I’ve been staying at hotels and planning the rest of my journey.

This is the perfect opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone and press reset. 

It is also an environment full of unique experiences that require much more consideration than when I am at home. 

When I am away, I know that my energy can be so strong that even the slightest thought will manifest in some unexpected way.

This past week I have had several experiences that have literally woken me up to the absolute power of the law of attraction. 

A few days ago, I was having dinner at the hotel when a large family with several young children came in.  They were adorable and very lively, I remember thinking how those parents really had their hands full.  

I finished my dinner and went back upstairs only to find that they were in the room next to me.  Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep.

How did I attract that?  I was tired and hoping that I wouldn’t have noisy neighbors.  I had focused on that family in a way that was not what I wanted.

The next morning, I realized I had been thinking about it in a negative way and started to think about them as a beautiful family traveling together and how happy those children were laughing and playing.  Within an hour the family checked out of the hotel.

Still a bit tired from lack of sleep, I decided to take myself out to lunch.  Pizza and a beer sounded great. 
It was midweek so there weren’t many people there.  As I looked over the menu, I thought I might try something new.  The waiter was a very kind young man and said the dish I was thinking of trying was his favorite and they didn’t have the beer I wanted but had a good alternative. 
He was right, both were delicious.  I enjoyed a nice relaxing meal and then headed back to the hotel for a great nap.

How did I attract that?  I thought about how much I enjoy peace and quiet.  That I love meeting nice people wherever I go.   And, how truly fortunate I feel to have such a wonderful life.

Next, as I was going to take some belongings back to storage, I discovered my car battery was dead.  I have never, ever had a dead battery in over 50 years of driving.  I also have never used my auto roadside service. 

How did I attract that?  Earlier that day, I received a renewal notice for the service and I thought I might not renew because I had never used it.  Also, I was feeling a little overwhelmed at how disorganized my car was with all my excess baggage.

At first, I panicked.  I hadn’t dealt with this before and felt very insecure.  I wondered how easy or difficult this process would really be.  

For the next hour, I tried to navigate the phone and online system to get my request processed.  It was feeling like a challenge.

I knew I needed to relax, I was in a safe place and as always, I had many options.  I decided to walk across the street to get some lunch while I waited.  

As soon as I placed my order, the service technician called to say they were on the way.  I wondered what this man would be like or maybe it could be a woman? 

Inside of 30 minutes, a lovely young woman from the auto club, recharged my battery and I was back on track.

Then last night – I ran a hot shower to get some moisture into a very dry hotel room.  I checked to see where the smoke detectors were, so I didn’t accidently set one off.  I had a nice relaxing evening and went to bed.  

At midnight, the fire alarm was shrieking, and I had to scramble to get my clothes on and get outside in the freezing cold. 

How did I attract that?  As I was checking for the smoke detectors, I noticed the unit on the wall next to the bed and thought I would certainly wake up if that goes off.  It absolutely did, my ears are still ringing it was so loud.  I had also been thinking of how scattered my clothes were and what would I do if I needed to leave in a hurry.  

I went down to my car where I could get warm and remembered I had extra winter gear in my trunk for emergencies.  Once again, I reminded myself that I was safe and no matter what, everything would be fine.  Of course, it was a false alarm, someone probably triggered it burning popcorn in the microwave or maybe even taking a shower. 

This post began as a simple thought about the Law of Attraction and how it works in our lives.

Whatever I give my attention to will expand and how I feel about it will dictate the manifestation. 

I love knowing that I can create anything and that I need to stay mindful about how that comes about.

There were a few reasons for this trip.  One was to write more, and another was to focus on my spiritual journey.  

So far both are feeling very satisfying and that I will happily continue to manifest.

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