Saturday, March 20, 2021

What I Learned While Looking for Dolphins

Several years ago, when I was living in Florida, I rented a beautiful condo on the river.  The lanai overlooked the water, where I could see boats, kayaks and all sorts of wildlife.

My neighbors told me to watch for the dolphins that come around the pier in the morning.  I was so excited, I couldn't imagine seeing them right from my own home.
Let Go of Trying too Hard

Almost every day, I sat out on the balcony to have my coffee, I loved watching the birds and even saw flying/jumping fish, but no dolphins.  Every time I saw even the slightest movement in the water, I would look a little harder, hoping to see them.

As time went on, I became discouraged, but I was determined to not give up.  My lease was almost over and I really wanted to see them before I left.  
Find a New Way of Looking at it

Just a few weeks before my move, I was feeling sad that I had not seen, even one dolphin anywhere.  My mind went back to something I had heard at a Law of Attraction workshop.  That you need to focus on what you want, not what you don't want.  
I knew I had been intently focused on not being able to see them for months.  So, just for fun, I decided to play a game.  I gave up looking for dolphins in the river and asked myself - how many ways are there for me to see dolphins?

Be Open to the Possibilities

Within 24 hours, I saw dolphins everywhere.  People sent me cute dolphin emojis on messages and emails, I saw pictures of beautiful dolphins swimming on the internet. 
There were books, magazines and posters with gorgeous images, there was even a woman dressed up in dolphin costume on a program I was watching.  
I laughed out loud and felt delighted by how the universe had responded to my simple question.  It no longer mattered that I hadn't seen them in the water but saw so many everywhere else and in ways I would never have expected, it made me very happy.

Enjoy the Unfolding
The next day, as I was talking to my daughter on the phone, I suddenly caught a glimpse of a ripple in the water near the pier.  I couldn't believe my eyes, there were 2 beautiful dolphins swimming together in the river right in front of me.
I was astounded, I was sure I would not see them and then there they were.  Swimming back and forth, peacefully, staying in view for the longest time, it was a fantastic experience.
Look for a Deeper Meaning

It was also a great reminder that I can't control things, but if I can relax and let go, everything will come to me in the perfect way and at the perfect time. 

I play this little game whenever I am feeling shortage of any kind and I am still surprised and delighted at how quickly it manifests. 
The biggest lesson for me was that there are many ways for what I want to come into my life, I just need to be easy about it and trust the process.
What experiences have you had with learning something in an unexpected way? Do you find it difficult to let go? How has your experience changed after 60? Share your stories and join the conversation!

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