Sunday, December 1, 2019

30 Days to More Joy and Satisfaction

I love new beginnings and significant dates.  Today marks the 1st day of the last month of the last year of this decade.  That feels like a great time to reflect on my life and what is next for me.  
·      This month I will practice more deliberate intention in all that I do

·      I will get ready to be ready for the wonderful future I know is coming

·      I will focus more on my heart’s desire and less on outside events

·      When I feel a negative emotion, I will remind myself that it is important to acknowledge and then shift my focus to a better feeling thought

·      I will appreciate the contrast that helps me to know what I do want and be grateful for the evidence of my dreams manifesting

·      I will focus my thoughts and attention on all that is in harmony with me

·      I will feel more joy and appreciation for all of the goodness that is in my life right now 

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