Monday, August 13, 2018

Stronger Now

We are not victims - we are survivors.  What we have endured at the hands of those who said they loved us was tremendous, but it gave us strength we did not know we had and taught us that not only would we get through those difficult times, but we would thrive.

Knowing that even the worst could not diminish us is our greatest achievement.

There are very few women who have not known some type of assault, harassment or intimidation in their lives.  Holding onto the anger and resentment does not punish the one who hurt us, it only ties us to the pain.  If we really want to break free we must find a way to forgive them as well as ourselves. 

Forgiveness does not condone the behavior or change what occurred, but it gives us the power to release the bonds that held us.

It is time for women speak up and shine a light into the shadows that have concealed the truth.  We must stand together, support and encourage each other in a way only another survivor can.

Love and kindness can heal the wounds and help us be whole again.

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