Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My low tech life

It's kind of interesting to me that even though I work in IT, I am not really a big gadget or technology person.  As incredible as it is to be able to connect with people and endless resources around the world, anytime day or night, on a multitude of devices, I feel like I may have hit my limit.  Now, I realize that may sound a bit strange as I'm writing this post for my blog, but it's true. 

This entire technological explosion has been a real revelation for me, I grew up with AM radio, a rotary dial telephone that often did not work when the weather was bad, a black and white television that you actually had to use rabbit ears and get up to change one of the 4 channels we had to watch.  News was still delivered on paper in our front yard and chats were across the fence with the neighbor.

I really enjoy the great interaction with people through social media but for me nothing compares to sitting with someone, in person, face to face and having a lovely visit. 

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