Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Attitude of Abundance

For many years now, it has been my conscious intent to change my thoughts from scarcity to abundance.  This was no small feat considering most of my life had been about what we did not have and very little of what we did.  Growing up my family was very poor and I was keenly aware of the struggles my mother went through just to make sure that we had food to eat and a clean place to live.

While raising my own children, I began to understand that poverty was more of a mindset than a situation and tried in small ways to at least create the illusion that we had more than we did.  Little by little our circumstances began to change; I could plan for special events or occasions and trusted that somehow it would work out.  I didn’t understand that I was creating it by how I was thinking but now I know it truly is about having an attitude of abundance that will bring it into your life.   

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