Sunday, July 25, 2010


Early one morning, as I got out of my car and walked into work a large truck raced past me and screeched to a stop in the parking lot. A woman nearby noticed and very angrily commented – “that is terrible and he has a baby in the car!” as she pushed her way ahead.

I stopped in my tracks and realized I work at a hospital – “he has a baby in the car” means he has an ill child! My perception immediately shifted from noticing a rude driver to compassion for a father trying to get help for his baby.

That touched me deeply and I looked around to make sure his way was clear to come through. As he approached me he said “Excuse me, I parked in the wrong lot, do you know where the nearest ATM is to pay for parking?” Without thinking I handed him $20 and told him where the entrance was for the clinic.

In a few short minutes my entire life came into focus! That was such a fantastic experience and I hope to always remember that perception can lead to amazing insight if you look closely enough!

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