Monday, January 25, 2010


In the book "Ask and It Is Given" they call it The Art of Allowing. What dreams and desires are possible in our lives if we were to simply let them in? For me that means to stop controlling what I think it should be and let it be what it is.

Looking at that tapped into some very old and negative thoughts for me. Am I worthy or do I deserve this? I can now say YES - I do deserve all the goodness this world has to offer and so do each one of us!

I had a wonderful experience with a woman in Ireland. She was doing career counseling at a local resource center but I have to say she was much more than that! I was concerned about all the work we were doing and if I was taking too much of her time. All she said was "You are worth it". Just those few simple words touched me so deeply because in over 50 years no one had ever said that to me!

Now, I say it to myself daily and believe everything is possible all I have to do is receive it!

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